Won’t Turn Back Now 

This song started as a riff that wrote itself about a relationship I was watching dissolve in real time – fortunately not mine. 


Gonna take you to the station, gonna put you on that train 

Buy a one-way ticket, send you back to where you came from 

Don’t you try to fight it, as if you even care 

I been drowning, now I’m coming up for air 

Won’t turn back now 

I made myself a solemn vow 

That I won’t, won’t turn back now 


Well you chased off all my friends, replaced them with your own 

You took away my life, like a dog without a bone 

Don’t act so surprised, the seeds are ones you’ve sown 

That grew until I realized I’m better off alone 

Won’t turn back now 

Made myself a solemn vow 

That I won’t, no, won’t turn back now 


When I first met you, I thought we were in love 

That you’d been sent directly from heaven above 

But you were in denial and I was just in lust 

And I finally realized I need someone I can trust…and that ain’t you, babe 


Now you’ve been gone for ten days, feels more like a year 

Even in my rear view mirror you’re not as close as you appear 

Packed up all your stuff, put the boxes on a truck 

Guess I hope you got ‘em but I just … 

Wish you luck 

‘Cause I made myself a solemn vow 

No, no, won’t turn back now 

Won’t turn back now 

Ain’t no way I’ll turn back now