We were in Colorado for a fall visit, and one day we went to the Maroon Bells, and they were framed in a sea of beautiful golden aspens. Literally two days later, after a snowfall, we went back there, and the entire scene was gray and white. Sitting by the fire back at the house, I found this lovely chord progression, and the song came as inexorably as the seasons. 


Days fading, winds changing, geese flying south proclaiming 

Summer’s gone away 

Cool mornings, leaves turning, faint smell of fires burning 

Autumn’s turn to play 

And though we know the snow will soon be falling 

When winter’s chill arrives 

These days amaze, ablaze in ways that make us 

Thrill to be alive 


Fall colors, soon over, leaving our landscape duller 

As bright hues fade to gray 

And winter will enter, become our cold tormentor 

In its white beret 

No fear, it’s clear that here we’re warm and cozy 

Free from coming gloom 

Our time sublime, we lie here by the fire 

Safe inside our womb 


Days grow shorter as winter takes its hold 

Dusk, ever sooner, comes to pass 

Those days, they just go by so fast 


December, deep winter, the year’s last burning ember 

With its darkness comes 

Though Christmas presents us its cheer that briefly lifts us 

Still, the year succumbs 

And then the end descends, the clock strikes midnight 

A kiss, then we must go 

We sigh “good-bye”, and try to linger briefly 

Then leave, alone