John Jaggers is a Dallas, Texas based singer-songwriter. His musical style is best described as acoustic folk at heart, but with notes of Americana, country and even rock. His songs come from the heart and his lyrics invite reflection - sometimes serious and sometimes fun, but always thoughtful. 

John began playing acoustic guitar in his 20’s, but like many, he soon set it aside to focus on work and a young family. And a funny thing happened; almost four decades years flew by. Then, in 2011, with the kids gone, on a lark he took a music-focused trip to Ireland with singer-songwriter Joe Crookston. That changed everything. He realized that his long-neglected creative side had to come out. 

So, after spending 40 years in the business world, he decided that it was time for a new gig, and turned to music with the energy he used to apply to his career. He formed a duo that started playing gigs around the Dallas area. That soon morphed into a trio, Honey Creek, covering a wide variety of acoustic, vocal-harmony rich songs. And, in 2014, he began writing songs. A workshop in the gentle hills of upstate New York, and a year of hard work later, and he had…one song written. But, he soon developed a story-telling style that tapped into the perspective that 60 years of life can bring. Then, in early 2018, he released his first full-length album, Worth The Wait.  He is working hard on new songs for his sophomore album. 

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